Total Show Package #5

Total Show Packages The excitement of three dimensions meets the ease of a pop-up. Exhibiting has never been easier when you trust the experts. Here's everything you need to make a professional presentation in a 10' booth space. Special pricing, substitutions will not be accepted.
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Kit Includes:
GeoMetrix Pop-Up Display Kit A & Oval Case w/Wheels, 6' ultraFit Table Throw w/Full-Color, Full Bleed Dye Sub, Table Throw Soft Carry Case (5"H x 5"D x 38"W), 6' Portable Folding Table, Exhibitor Series 110 Literature Display w/Soft Carry Case, Acrylic Catalog Literature Holder, (2) Acrylic Business Card Holders, Display Hard Case w/Wheels (28"H x 8"D x 42"W), (2) Graphic Set-Up Charges
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